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Dale Quist – Urban Mind, Rural Heart

Life is more meaningful when we put our worth at the benefit of the under privileged, it is for this reason we celebrate the journey of a dynamic man, a Medical Researcher, Speaker, Media Consultant, Entrepreneur and a man of many talents.

Mr. Crepindale Elorm Quist, well known as Dale Quist is a Ghanaian from Keta in the volta region. He was born in Mampong Akuapim in the eastern region to Mr. Crepindale Quist Senior a businessman and Rev Mrs. Henrietta Quist a Presbyterian minister. He started his basic education at Golden Age school Abelemkpe Accra, furthered at Christian Unity Preparatory school and Nana Ankobea Takyiwaa school all in Akuapim Mampong. For a boy so bright and focused, going through basic education came smoothly to the admiration of peers and teachers, his desire to know coupled with sound family academic record was a push factor in his excellent academic exploits. He entered St. Augustine’s College for his secondary education and capped it at the University of Ghana for his tertiary education.

The first of three siblings and the only boy, responsibility of life came not only to himself but also to his younger sisters if he had to be good role model. He recounted growing up as fun filled with both social and academic discipline for a boy who lacked little and had many. “My parents made sure i never lacked the essentials of life just so i could concentrate on my academic work” he said. His father’s desire to mould a perfect gentleman and to see him a medical doctor was a non negotiable ultimate family goal, the reason he was adequately provided for. But Dale had his own ideas, ideas so strong it conflicted the ideals of his father’s. He knew he wasn’t cut for the medical profession, he desired a more interactive carrier, one that would speak to the hearts and minds of people to influence change. “I started the medical course at the university of Ghana but had to truncate in my second year for the lack of passion for it” he said. He recounted the dream he had on three occasions on campus that revealed him a healer of minds than a curer of bodies. His love and passion for social work contrary to his father’s desire led him to places and with people far opposite his upbringing. A difficult decision he took to break free from constant family pressure especially from his father to do what they expected. “Hanging out in such places with people down the social ladder for a student in the university taught me to appreciate people and their worth regardless of their current circumstances, a lesson that has stuck with me till date” he recounted.

For a man who strongly believe the change in mindset is a prerequisite to societal change, setting out to advocate for this course on several platforms offered great satisfaction. Stage after stage, platform after platform, he spoke on behavioral change for success starting from a positive mindset, his desire to speak wisdom to influence the mind for change earned him the name “Mind surgeon”. For years, he went on the journey of mind renaissance for positive development. He knew he had a good message, one that was making some good influence but he felt he needed to do more to influence effective change. He then made it a point to take the message from the platforms to the door step of the people, he put the mindset message into action and practiced it with any and everyone he came into contact with. He set up the Mindset Networks an institution designed to influence and train influencers for positive social work and development. He took the message to where he felt was needed most, the grassroots, rural Ghana, to draw attention to such places and imbibe in them some sense of believe to better their lives.

‘Dambai, developing Ghana a community at a time’ is a seven year development project he is embarking on in Dambai a town in the Krachi-East district. This came as result of his wife’s appointment to the district as a medical officer. “Mindset Networks has great plans for Dambai, we want to put Dambai on the map” he said. Part of his development plan for the remote but economically viable town is to set up a good early childhood development school, solicit for a social center where NGO’s and other likeminded organizations could rent for social advocacy seminars and the returns invested back into the community’s development and also continue to organize programs and seminars geared towards economic and social empowerment advocacy. “We want to create employment, set up businesses to get the people something to do so they do not end up in accra and other cities in search for non existing jobs” he said. His plan is to replicate the Dambai example in as many communities as he can reach after the seven year project . “We encourage everyone to get on board for this is a big project quite challenging, we have influenced people, professionals working in accra to take up postings in Damango, Salaga and other less developed areas to help with the Mindset Network’s agenda for change. We do our best with financing and also get the support of friends and partners who have sown seeds into the project because they believe in the course” he said with a smile. They have on several occasions been partnered by the NCCE and World Vision to prosecute the agenda for change. He admitted not all people, families and communities may welcome you with open arms due to their norms and traditional setting, a challenge he has always surmounted with tact and finesse.

“Undertaking the journey of change to make a difference with Mindset Networks has been a great eye opener, I have shared platforms with extra ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, met great leaders and influencers and have been to places where the impact of the change agenda has made a difference and improved lives” he said. He desires a Mindset Networks that will be planted in most part of rural Ghana to educate, empower and undertake development for effective change.

Dale Quist, a man who shares his birthday with Ghana (6th march) his motherland, has an innate believe in the nation’s success and advised all most especially the youth to learn with humility, understand and undertake apprenticeship to envision into reality the dreams of our predecessors.

Mr. Crepindale Elorm Quist is married to Dr. Abigail Quist.

Written by; Kwakubeng



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